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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Dear Dawei

I have to confess something that feels wrong - even though it probably shouldn't in this age of political correctness. This morning I saw a totally hot guy. He had fabulous hair, a very sweet face and first class bulge. He was also obviously slightly intellectually handicapped. Given half a chance, I would have jumped on him. The only off-putting thing was that he had a cold and a very dubious looking handkerchief.

What is you opinion? Should I introduce myself if I see him again?



Dear JB,

Cheers for the letter. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I think it's quite normal to check out those less fortunate than yourself. I myself make it a personal habit to scope the bulge of 'tards in wheelchairs. I mean, you have the height advantage, and their little 'tard legs are often splayed at that perfect angle for maximum bulge displayage. And some of those mofos are hung. But how mentally handicapped are we talking here? Do you only assume he is disabled by the fact that he uses a handkerchief? Or was there droolage and he emited little moans of pleasure for no reason as he stumbled along? I think that if you see him again, you should definitely approach him. Retards are always really eager to please; they'd do anything if they thought they were going to get a new friend out of it. I reckon they'd give excellent head too: nice and wet. And if he still has his cold... well! Fluidpalooza. But that is just the sex side. There are other bonuses too, such as the golden ticket that is the disabled parking permit. Go for it!

Let me know how you go,